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We run Pilates classes regularly throughout the year…

View our class times and payment options by clicking on the Pilates Membership option below. You might also like to take a look at Max Your Back, Prime Movers or Body Recovery for Mums.

Specialist Pilates Classes

In addition to our standard Pilates classes we also offer several classes targeted at specific conditions. Max Your Back is designed especially for those with a history of back pain or with a back condition. Prime Movers is for our older clients who are keen to stay mobile and active! Body Recovery for Mums is a special Pilates-led approach to helping new mums get back into shape.

About Pilates

For all exercise to be safe and effective, the ‘core’ or deep muscle system needs to work appropriately. When these muscles are not working properly, our body loses its stable platform and other muscles and joints can be affected. Pilates is an approach to exercise which focuses on these deep muscles, providing an excellent foundation for corrective exercise and building stability through conditioning.

Although Pilates techniques are now used widely in gyms and exercise classes, too often these techniques are used inappropriately, focusing on ‘strengthening the core’ which can lead to stiffness and limited movement. Pilates is really a specialised area of medicine requiring a high-level of training, qualification and experience. Our team of chartered physiotherapists and Pilates instructors at Physiocare are trained to the highest standards of clinical excellence – so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further or more specific queries – our receptionists will be only to pleased to help!

  • When are your Pilates classes held?

    We run 10 classes a week and each class is led by the same Physiotherapist to provide consistency. We offer classes both during the day and in the evening. Subscription to our classes is on a 3-month rolling basis.

  • How big are the classes?

    The classes have are restricted to six – twelve people. This enables us to offer a high level of supervision to ensure that you exercise properly and gain maximum effect from each class.

  • Do you have beginners and advanced courses?

    We find that individual skill levels vary tremendously, even if you have done Pilates before. That’s why we do not separate course attendees according to their experience, but offer a single class for all instead. Our classes are small enough that we are able to tailor exercises to each individual. Pilates is not about how hard you can work certain muscles but about your ability to move freely and with control. The instructors will be able to progress the exercises accordingly for each person in each class.

  • Can I come along to any session?

    When you book onto a course, your lesson will be the same time each week. We do not allow people to drop in on other courses as it would be difficult to measure progression consistently. On completion of your course, you may be able to move to another course on a different day and or time, depending upon availability.

Meet Our Team

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Imran Ul-Haq
Elizabeth Jones
Margaret Manthorpe
Jacqueline Montgomery
Melinda Cairns
Lizzie Budge
Monika Mazur
Lydia Osborn

What our clients say

Here are our most recent testimonials. You can read them all here.

I've been attending these classes for several years now and thoroughly enjoy them - excellent mix of fun and professionalism.  The classes are targeted to our specific needs and any errors in our efforts are swiftly corrected - the attention to detail is excellent.Suki
Both Lizzie and Jackie are great teachers, being able to concentrate on each individual's needs because of the small numbers in the class.Pam
I attend the Pilates classes on a weekly basis; they are good fun with an instructor who is very knowledgeable, they have helped me to understand my body better - and also help to keep me toned and supple.Carol

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