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Ergonomic Workplace Assessments

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What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the scientific study concerned with the ‘fit’ between people and their work. Ergonomics puts people first and aims to reduce stress and eliminate injuries and disorders associated with the overuse of muscles, bad posture, and repeated tasks. This is accomplished by designing tasks, work spaces, controls, displays, tools, lighting, and equipment to fit the employee´s physical capabilities and limitations.

How can an Ergonomic Workplace Assessment benefit?

An assessment process aims to understand the ergonomic stresses experienced by employees and the potential for ergonomic disorders. Evaluation of the individual while performing their work is essential.

Musculoskeletal assessments concentrate on the physical demands and the prevention and management of associated work related problems such as aches, pains and damage to the wrists, shoulders, neck and back.

Clearly a qualified Physiotherapist is ideally placed to diagnose problems, discover potential causes and help to find solutions. This can be in response to specific musculoskeletal clinical problems or with a view to the future prevention and aiming to limit the impact of workplace injuries and health concerns.

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