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One-to-One, Total Body Focus

The Body Management Gym focuses on one-to-one sessions to ensure that you are exercising appropriately, safely and effectively. Just a few degrees out of position in an exercise can mean the difference between improving or aggravating a condition.

That’s why we like to start by health screening new gym members, taking a detailed medical history and assessing any potential risks at your first one-to-one induction session. We then assess your fitness in a number of ways, looking at mobility, flexibility, strength and aerobic endurance, always taking account of any medical conditions. From this baseline assessment, your physiotherapist will then develop a programme and monitor your progress. There is a charge for the intial induction assessment with one of our Physiotherapists. Please take a look at the FAQ below to see our current charges for Gym Membership.

Once your physiotherapist is confident that you have developed good technique in your starter programme, you are able to exercise independently at the Body Management Gym. One of our physiotherapists will always be available at the gym to answer any queries you may have, ensuring that you have access to expert advice at all times. Further one-to-one sessions are available according to your personal needs and we recommend that all members aim to repeat assessments regularly to monitor progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further or more specific queries – our receptionists will be only to pleased to help!

  • How do I join?

    You can join online here.

    Please note, you must have had an initial induction session before joining the gym.  Simply call and speak to one of our friendly receptionists who will arrange an initial induction appointment. Call 0118 934 4055 or send us an email if you would prefer (please include your telephone number, in case we need to call & speak to you).

  • What are your opening hours?

    The gym is open during the following hours:

    • Monday: 8.00 am – 8.00pm
    • Tuesday: 8.00am – 8.30pm
    • Wednesday: 8.00am – 8.30pm
    • Thursday: 8.00am – 8.00pm
    • Friday: 8.00am – 6.00pm
    • Saturday: 9.00am – 1.00pm

    Access to the gym may be restricted for short periods due to classes and courses.

  • Where are you?

    The gym is located in our light, modern and airy premises at Tywford, with full disabled access. Click here for more details and directions.

  • Why are you not like other gyms?

    We are a small gym run by Physiotherapists. Our aim is to ensure that all our members have a specific exercise programme that is tailored to their particular needs. Whether your aim is to lose weight, improve your general fitness, strengthen your core, or to aid your recovery following surgery, we will explain to you the type of exercise you require and develop a personal exercise programme accordingly.

    In addition to the usual cardio vascular and strength type exercises, we usually find most people would benefit from some core strengthening, balance and coordination exercises. To help with this, we have a range of Pilates and rehabilitation equipment which is commonly used by the Physiotherapists, in addition to the usual equipment you find in other gyms.

  • Why do I need a 1:1 induction with a Physiotherapist?

    It is important that the programme of exercises you follow is balanced and appropriate and that you to are able to actually do your exercises safely and effectively. The 1:1 time with a physiotherapist is essential to introduce you to our equipment and facilities and to develop a tailored programme, ensuring that you are using the equipment safely.

  • What will the induction involve?

    On your first visit the Physiotherapist will discuss with you what you are hoping to achieve from exercising regularly. He/she will ask some questions about your general health and lifestyle and also about any aches or pains you are experiencing. Your physiotherapist will then assess your general flexibility, muscle strength and joint movement, as well as assessing your general fitness. You will then be given recommendations and work on developing a tailored programme with your physiotherapist.

  • What should I wear for my induction?

    The first part of the induction will be conducted in a private treatment room where you will need to remove your outer clothing. We have the utmost respect for your dignity and recommend that a pair of shorts and a vest is ideal. The fitness test will be in the gym so you will require your gym kit and appropriate footwear.

  • How many 1:1 sessions will I require?

    Most people are familiar with exercising and only require a single session prior to joining the gym. However we do find that some require further sessions in order to ensure they are doing their exercises well enough. Others like to start with a simple programme for a few weeks and progress it slowly over the following months. Further sessions can be booked as necessary.

  • Will you write the exercise down for me?

    Yes, all members are given a sheet with their personalised exercise programme on it. This is collected from reception at the start of each exercise session.

  • Do I have to sign up for a period of time?

    We offer a range of membership options so you can chose the membership package that suits you. You can cancel your membership at any time.

  • How much does it cost to join the gym?

    Initial induction and any subsequent 1 hour 1:1 sessions with a Physiotherapist: £50 per session

    Monthly membership:

    • 1 off month £55 single non-recurring payment
    • 1 month rolling £49 payable monthly in advance
    • 3 months rolling £126 payable every 3 months in advance
    • 12 months rolling £450 payable annually

    All memberships can be cancelled at any time but no refunds are available.

Meet Our Team

Click on a face to find out more! Find out more about the team here.

Imran Ul-Haq
Elizabeth Jones
Margaret Manthorpe
Jacqueline Montgomery
Melinda Cairns
Lizzie Budge
Monika Mazur
Lydia Osborn

What our clients say

Here are our most recent testimonials. You can read them all here.

The Physiocare gym is just what we were looking for.  The qualified, and highly experienced physiotherapists really seem to care about what they are doing and the people they are training.  They took time to understand our creaky bodies, and then provided us with a gym programme tailored specifically to our capabilities, and to what we were hoping to achieve from our new fitness regime. In addition, the physios are always around to give guidance and gentle encouragement, or perhaps to adapt our programmes in line with the progress we are making. The friendly staff, and relaxed, intimate atmosphere create an environment where everyone - of whatever age and ability, and regardless of what they are looking to get out of the gym - can exercise without feeling self-conscious or a need to 'compete'.David & Alison
The support and guidance from a professional physiotherapist makes the gym really work for total health and fitness, not just "the body beautiful" approach of chain gyms.  Limiting the numbers using the gym at any one time makes the experience special every time.Pam
I have always found the staff friendly, helpful, professional and knowledgeable and hence, would thoroughly recommend Physiocare to anyone with a need.Steve

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