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Imran carried out all my treatment in a very professional manner with a satisfactory result.D. Gorman - July 2015
Imran sorted out my problem in double-quick time. Having taken time to understand my symptoms and diagnose the cause. He prescribed the right balance of manipulation and exercise to take away the pain and have me moving freely again.David Keel - June 2015
I have seen Elizabeth over the last 5 years with various complaints, some sport related, some work related and more recently with neurological issues. During all my consultations and treatments whatever the severity of my condition I have always found Elizabeth to be the complete professional. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced but always includes you in the discussion and listens intently to your thoughts and experiences. Elizabeth will always make time available for all her patients and I have never felt rushed out of the door or that my time was up! I find sessions with Elizabeth a refreshing mix of honesty and pragmatism. I am always safe in her completely competent (and firm) hands.J Webb - June 2015
Margaret has, as ever, been assiduous and caring at the same time, ensuring a great rehab from what was a pretty nasty injury. I can’t thank her enough, nor recommend her highly enough.Mr P. Gutierrez - May 2015
Margaret quickly diagnosed a neurological cause for my difficulties, whilst suggesting numerous exercises which helped enormously in getting my confidence back and keeping me mobile. Medical investigations discovered a benign tumour pressing on my spinal cord, which subsequently has been removed returning me to full movement. I can’t thank Margaret enough for her support and excellent skills.Sue Bradley - May 2015
I have been attending Physiocare for a number of years, and my treatment from Margaret has been second to none. She always has the answer to my pains – by exercises, massage and manipulation. I would recommend Physiocare and Margaret to anyone.Hiliary Tomes - May 2015
Boobala assessed and treated my calf injury and used the Video Gait analysis on the treadmill.. This highlighted a problem and orthotics were recommended. This not only helped the injury but the dull ache in my knee disappeared. My calf injury has recovered completely and I am now back to playing Tennis and Badminton without pain.Michael Anderson - April 2015
Prime Movers – The class has many benefits and is suitable for older people who have falls. Since joining in October 2014 I have been impressed by the care and attention given, with the emphasis on prevention. Exercises concentrating on improving balance and strength have really brought about greater confidence as well as general fitness. I look forward to attending each week and find the experience very enjoyable.Pam Sims - April 2015
During my treatment course, Rachel has always listened to my comments and tailored my treatment to my complaints. She has been reassuring and encouraging, and the exercises she taught me have proved more than enough to keep me mobile and active. Thank you for your patience, guidance and excellent knowledgeMrs R Vaughan - February 2015
Getting a hamstring injury as an elite gymnast can be very frustrating and needs careful management, to aid recovery and avoid recurrence. The superb personal attention, support and encouragement shown by the team at Physiocare meant a tailored programme which was adjusted, both to the specific needs of my sport and progress in recovery. I felt confident in the professional hands of my physiotherapist who explained things very clearly and I’m pleased to say got me back to training in a timely manner. I also learnt a number of useful techniques, which may help to prevent injury in the future. Thank you for all your care.Eleanor Ruffle - December 2014
The treatment was superb, my recovery has been remarkable and Elizabeth was always available when I needed her. My treatment has been excellent and has enabled me to gain my independence.Mrs Susan Buxtorf - May 2014
I have been very happy with the physiotherapy I have received from Rachael.  She is very thorough and is quick to get to the root of a problem.  She takes time to explain what is happening anatomically and it actually makes sense as she takes the time to examine one properly and in detail.  Rachael’s physical manipulation skills are excellent and have helped me considerably the times I have been to see her.  When I have seen her my musculoskeletal injuries/imbalances have resolved quickly and she also advises on long-term, preventative solutions.  I have found Rachael to be a very intelligent, knowledgeable and empathetic physiotherapist and I would highly recommend her expertise to anyone suffering with hypermobility syndromes/Ehlers-danlos syndromes (connective tissue disorders) and other musculoskeletal problems.Jackie Morley - April 2014
I have been coming to Physiocare for around 5 years now, which probably sounds bad, but it isn’t. My initial visits were to have my spine (and causative lifestyle) cajoled back into shape. Since then I have attended Pilates classes for maintenance purposes. I have always found the staff friendly, helpful, professional and knowledgeable. And hence, would thoroughly recommend Physiocare to anyone with a need.Steve Masoero - 2013
I have been visiting Physiocare for a number of years and remain thoroughly impressed with their professional, friendly service. I have seen a number of therapists and all of them demonstrate the same ethos. I would and do regularly recommend their services.Mark
I have been to Physiocare over a period of years for a variety of problems. The treatments have been very effective and the staff are always efficient and put me at my ease. Because I am happy with the treatments I have received from Physiocare, I have recommended them to several of my friends.Dr Pauline Hall - 2013
Excellent Gym, maximum 4 per session, trained physio always in attendance. Full personal programme updated regularly.Leonard Roberts - 2013
Rebeca gave me a concise explanation of the treatment I was getting and I felt clear what exercises I needed to be doing between sessions. Overall the care I received was excellent.Sarah
The Physiotherapy team are great at explaining how your injury has come about, which muscles are recovering and with a constructive treatment plan I am off ready to attend another sporting event. Also the gym team gives me advice on strengthening exercises for weak muscles so I don't injure myself again. Thanks Team Physiocare for keeping me going!!Isobel
The Physios really care about you. Their knowledge is immense and I have total trust in their professional judgement.Janet
A friendly, professional practice and gym where all the people make you feel welcome and work with you to achieve your goals.Pam
Thank you Beca, I have always received outstanding treatment from Physiocare and you were up there with the best.James
I have always found the staff friendly, helpful, professional and knowledgeable and hence, would thoroughly recommend Physiocare to anyone with a need.Steve
I have attended the Physiocare clinic for many years. The skill of Margaret Manthorpe and all the others practicing is marvellous. The kindness and understanding from Reception through treatment and back to Reception is remarkable. I always leave standing tall and feeling life is rosy after all.Patricia Monson - 2013
Professional but friendly treatment focused on long term return to fitness not short-term fixes.Pam
I attend the Pilates classes on a weekly basis; they are good fun with an instructor who is very knowledgeable, they have helped me to understand my body better - and also help to keep me toned and supple.Carol
An excellent course, it has been interesting and empowering, and the enthusiasm of the therapists has been inspiring. This course should be compulsory; I would strongly encourage other Mums to come along as soon as possible after the birth of their child.Anon
Both Lizzie and Jackie are great teachers, being able to concentrate on each individual's needs because of the small numbers in the class.Pam
I've been attending these classes for several years now and thoroughly enjoy them - excellent mix of fun and professionalism.  The classes are targeted to our specific needs and any errors in our efforts are swiftly corrected - the attention to detail is excellent.Suki
I regularly visit Visage for treatments with Mikayla and love the feeling of walking out through the door having treated myself to some 'me time' and a manicure or a massage. All the team at Physiocare are friendly, welcoming, and efficient and I value both what they do professionally and also the relationships I have built up with the team.June
The support and guidance from a professional physiotherapist makes the gym really work for total health and fitness, not just "the body beautiful" approach of chain gyms.  Limiting the numbers using the gym at any one time makes the experience special every time.Pam
The Physiocare gym is just what we were looking for.  The qualified, and highly experienced physiotherapists really seem to care about what they are doing and the people they are training.  They took time to understand our creaky bodies, and then provided us with a gym programme tailored specifically to our capabilities, and to what we were hoping to achieve from our new fitness regime. In addition, the physios are always around to give guidance and gentle encouragement, or perhaps to adapt our programmes in line with the progress we are making. The friendly staff, and relaxed, intimate atmosphere create an environment where everyone - of whatever age and ability, and regardless of what they are looking to get out of the gym - can exercise without feeling self-conscious or a need to 'compete'.David & Alison
I've been treated by Jackie for back pain created by a degenerating disc (L5 to be precise).  Jackie has been fantastic in the support she has given me over many weeks of treatment. She listens as I describe the symptoms and the problems I experience, takes her time to examine the offending area and to check her understanding of what I've described, and delivers treatment and advice in a thoughtful, re-assuring and professional manner.June
I would just like to say how impressed I was with the treatment I received from you. Your professionalism was exemplary and your knowledge outstanding.James
I have a lot to thank Physiocare for!  Having taken up skating at the grand old age of 45, 2 years later I could call myself a gold medal winner after competing in British Synchronised Skating National Opens 2010. This would never have happened without the expert care I received for a serious knee injury after a very heavy fall whilst training just days before the competition. As I continue in my quest for further medals there is no doubt I will be calling on this experienced teams expertise to keep me fit and on track.Penny
Elizabeth I want to thank you for the excellent care and treatment you gave me. It really made all the difference and prevented surgery on my back.Chris
Treatment to date has been tailored exactly to my needs and been very thorough. Without doubt the best and most effective I have had in 10 years of chronic back pain. Margaret is an absolute professional, very knowledgeable and most importantly is making a difference!Barbara Rhodes - 2013