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Mums MOT and Body Recovery Course

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Designed from experience

Getting back into shape after the baby has arrived is often a concern for new mums.  But while weight loss and toning up are often the priority, little thought is given to how pregnancy has transformed our core, internal muscles that provide essential support for posture and our basic body movements.

When you add to this the strains associated with looking after babies and toddlers – extra lifting, carrying and bending over, it comes as no surprise that many mums suffer a whole array of problems, such as back pain, stress incontinence, weak tummy muscles and poor posture.

At Physiocare, we have spent years treating such conditions and our Body Recovery Course for Mums was created specifically to address these issues.

What does the course include?

All sessions are led by a Chartered Physiotherapist and include:

  • an individual assessment
  • an explanation of how your body changes during pregnancy (including posture, breathing and pelvic floor)
  • a Dynamic Ultrasound Scan to ensure proper function of your core muscles
  • guidance on restoring posture and exercising
  • the opportunity to learn and practice exercises with close supervision

The Body Recovery Course focuses on gradually building control and tone back into our core muscles, providing essential support for the pelvis and spine and significantly improving posture. The course can be tailored to you whether you are a first time mum or have had many children who are now grown up but you are continuing to experience the effects of not recovering your former body.

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