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Runner’s Clinic

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Bespoke tests, tailored to YOU.

Our full runner’s clinic package includes a bespoke series of tests which will analyse your body and the way you move while running:

  • Muscle Strength Analysis
  • Mobility and Core
  • Video Gait Analysis
  • Shoe suitability

We also offer video gait analysis as an individual service, as well as a ‘top up’ runner’s service to reassess biomechanics, video gait analysis and more.

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Meet Our Team

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Elizabeth Jones
Jacqueline Montgomery
Margaret Manthorpe
Melinda Cairns
Imran Ul-Haq
Lydia Osborn
Michele Houston
Part-time Administrator/Receptionist Required

What our clients say

Here are our most recent testimonials. You can read them all here.

The Physiocare gym is just what we were looking for.  The qualified, and highly experienced physiotherapists really seem to care about what they are doing and the people they are training.  They took time to understand our creaky bodies, and then provided us with a gym programme tailored specifically to our capabilities, and to what we were hoping to achieve from our new fitness regime. In addition, the physios are always around to give guidance and gentle encouragement, or perhaps to adapt our programmes in line with the progress we are making. The friendly staff, and relaxed, intimate atmosphere create an environment where everyone - of whatever age and ability, and regardless of what they are looking to get out of the gym - can exercise without feeling self-conscious or a need to 'compete'.David & Alison
The support and guidance from a professional physiotherapist makes the gym really work for total health and fitness, not just "the body beautiful" approach of chain gyms.  Limiting the numbers using the gym at any one time makes the experience special every time.Pam
I have always found the staff friendly, helpful, professional and knowledgeable and hence, would thoroughly recommend Physiocare to anyone with a need.Steve

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