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The Desk Jockey

It’s no secret that an increasingly sedentary lifestyle is contributing to general health and fitness issues.  For those of us based in an office, sat at a desk or other fixed seated position for any length of time, our seated posture, movement and habit formed from spending too long in the same position can lead… Read more »

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Is ‘Mummy Tummy’ giving you back ache?

During pregnancy and birth, your body undergoes tremendous changes in shape, proportion and function the likes of which is not equalled at any other point in our lives.  It is no surprise that mums are often left with a legacy of weakened core muscles that support our entire musculoskeletal function (that’s just body movement to… Read more »

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Where is your headache coming from?

Headaches are very common.  Most of us experience some form of ‘headache’ through a combination of every day factors, in particular dehydration, tiredness and the ever present stresses of our modern, hectic lifestyles. An occasional headache is to be expected, but what if they persist? For some, a persistent, chronic headache can often set alarm… Read more »

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Avoiding injury for fair weather gardeners

With all the sunshine and good weather in recent months, have you been tempted out into the garden? Most of us love being outside in the summer months and as we welcome the long evenings, we turn our attention to the garden. But, beware, if you are not used to the exertion that gardening can… Read more »

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Breathing tips and exercise

Breathing is one of the few bodily functions which, to a certain point, can be controlled both consciously and unconsciously. However, most people don’t think about or even notice how they breathe unless they happen to be running up a flight of stairs, sniffling from a cold, or in the process of giving birth.

In truth, breathing is affected by many factors including fitness levels, stress, poor posture, pain, obesity, the weather, and a myriad of other internal and external variables.

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