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Margaret Manthorpe MCSP HCPC   -   Physiotherapist

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Margaret Manthorpe

Margaret is Clinical Lead Physiotherapist for Physiocare in Pilates and a Specialist in Movement Control and Rehabilitation.

Margaret’s primary interest and expertise is in understanding why a specific injury has occurred and then having treated this working with the patient to try and ensure that it doesn’t recur.

This applies to any acute or chronic problem be it soft tissue, back, neck or joint related. It also applies to chronic pain and neurological patients such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and for people who have suffered a stroke.

Being a keen cyclist herself, she has a good understanding of cycling related injuries and does specialist bike fits to both assess and prevent these. She enjoys treating the “dizzy” patient, being able to teach specific vestibular exercises and treat with the Epley’s and other manoeuvres when indicated.

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