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Shoulder Clinic

  • Physiotherapy
  • Gym
  • Wellbeing

Our Specialist Shoulder Clinic is for 1 hour, and includes:

  • Full clinical assessment
  • Ultrasound scan
  • Treatment plan

Cost: £120

Further services available:

  • Follow up sessions (£47.00)
  • Ultrasound Scan (£90.00)

More about Real-time Ultrasound

We offer our patients real-time ultrasound scans so they can see how well certain muscles are working. The difference this makes to rehabilitation is astonishing.

Real-time ultrasound allows you to see live pictures of the deep muscles and how well they are working. This can help you understand the function of key muscles and improve your ability to effectively perform exercises, making sure you are strengthening the right muscles. The ability to retrain these muscles is key in treating certain types of shoulder pain and assists in reducing pain, improving function and preventing future injuries. Even the strongest of people can be using their muscles incorrectly so real-time ultrasound is useful for everyone! The immediacy we get whilst using real time ultrasound means that patients can progress with their rehabilitation there and then and can witness their improvements first hand.

Meet Our Team

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Elizabeth Jones
Jacqueline Montgomery
Margaret Manthorpe
Melinda Cairns
Boobala Subramanian
Imran Ul-Haq
Suzanne Gibson
Michele Houston

What our clients say

Here are our most recent testimonials. You can read them all here.

Treatment to date has been tailored exactly to my needs and been very thorough. Without doubt the best and most effective I have had in 10 years of chronic back pain. Margaret is an absolute professional, very knowledgeable and most importantly is making a difference!Barbara Rhodes - 2013
Elizabeth I want to thank you for the excellent care and treatment you gave me. It really made all the difference and prevented surgery on my back.Chris
I have a lot to thank Physiocare for!  Having taken up skating at the grand old age of 45, 2 years later I could call myself a gold medal winner after competing in British Synchronised Skating National Opens 2010. This would never have happened without the expert care I received for a serious knee injury after a very heavy fall whilst training just days before the competition. As I continue in my quest for further medals there is no doubt I will be calling on this experienced teams expertise to keep me fit and on track.Penny